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Since 1971 Orange Bang, Inc. the original whipped Beverage concentrate company has become one of the largest major company’s to manufacture premium concentrates for hispanic & whipped fruit juice beverages, packaged in Bag-In-Box & bottles.

Orange Bang, Inc. a California Corporation was founded in
July 1971 and started out by introducing for the first time in the beverage industry premium liquid concentrates for whipped beverages in bottles. Orange, Pina Colada and Strawberry Bang®. These products were formulated for the pre-mix visual (bubbler) type of dispenser having a whipper component. The products when dispensed would froth up creating the whipped beverage.

In 1981 Orange Bang, was the original company offering Orange Bang® "Whipped" Beverages dispensed from its’ patented Post Whip™ Dispenser using the new Bag-In-Box System. Since then Orange Bang, Inc. has expanded its’ product line with the addition of premium hispanic aguas frescas, fruit juice and tea beverage concentrates under the Ole® brand name including Horchata, Jamaica and Tamarindo. All fruit flavored beverages contain real fruit juice.

Orange Bang, Inc. products are in compliance with strict FDA Standards & Requirements including the California Department of Public Health.

Orange Bang® & Ole® products are available through distributors across the country and supports the largest consumer and brand recognition in its’ product categories.
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